Hobs are getting interesting these days which mean one would buy a hob that is brilliant in design and attraction. The obvious fact is that when buying such products it does not come with a spare and it is necessary to study a bit about the product and brand. Smeg is well integrated brand with technology, innovation and experience. Most of its products revealed its sense of creativity and Smeg PX140 Linea Aesthetic Gas Hob also proves a big brother for such stylish models. You could extract more details about this product in the following review.


This model belongs to “Linea” Series which is innovated with the design as the prime criteria. This model is styled with the ultra low profile base that keep it eye catching. The finish is stainless steel which gets easily blended with the other appliances. The installation is in built-in type. One could easily get inclined with this product for its dimension which is 1000mm in width, 395mm in length and 60mm in depth. It is a four burner hob which is aliened in a straight line.


The controls for the four burners are placed in the front panel. The controls are rotary knobs which are operated with the press of the knob and turning it in the anti clockwise to light it in the minimum flame. The flame size can be adjustable from minimum to the maximum. Each of the burners has dedicated ignition plugs and the thermocouples which are placed in each of the burners. These control knobs are illuminated which is an intimation for the functioning mode.


The highlight of Smeg PX140 Linea Aesthetic Built-in Gas Hob is its design with the stainless steel finish and the ultra low profile along with the front controls. Illuminated control knobs also make it special as it is new to this kind of appliance. It adds to the style yet is practically useful.

The pan supports are made of cast iron which has good and impressive finish. It is also easy to clean and maintenance. The pan supports are removable for cleaning.

The ignition is automatic and is operated electronic. It consists of safety valves which instantly stops the flow of gas when it senses that the flame is been put off accidentally. This is a must-have safety measure which is equipped in this model.
Power and Use of the burners:

The four burners of this hob are operated with different power levels, in order to make it possible for cooking different quantities and in different pans. The burner in the left side is the ultra rapid burner which works with the power of 4.20 kW. This burner can handle the pan size of minimum 20cm to the maximum of 26cm in diameter. The burner in the centre left is the auxiliary burner with the power of 1.05 kW. This is the smallest among the four and handles the pan size of 7cm to 18cm in diameter. Further the burner in the centre right is the semi rapid burner with the power of 1.70 kW. This handles the pan size of 10cm to 24cm in diameter. The one in the right side is the rapid burner with the power of 3.10 kW to handle the pan size of 18 to 24cm in diameter.


Smeg PX140 Linea Aesthetic Stainless Steel Gas Hob also shows compatibility to LPG convertible. It does not come with the hob lid and even does not have residual heat indicator and on/off switch.

Specification Table

Manufacturer Smeg
Model Name PX140 Linea Aesthetic Gas Hob
Type Built-in
Finish Stainless steel
Hob dimension 60 x 1000 x 395 mm
Gas burners 4
Flame supervision device Yes
Ignition system auto ignition
Controls Rotary knob
Highlight features Front controls
Stainless steel finish
Ultra low profile
Illuminated control knobs
Removable cast iron pan stands
Automatic electronic ignition
Safety valves
LPG convertible
Hob lid No
Power of each zone Left – ultra rapid burner – 4.20 kW
Centre – auxiliary – left – 1.05 kW
Centre right – semi rapid – 1.70 kW
Right side – rapid – 3.10 kW
Accessories LPG jets included