Stylish appliances find its importance any day as they make you feel better it not only shows your taste but adds value to the space. Smeg is one of such brands who are a specialist in innovating such interesting products with contemporary style and design. This model belongs to the Newson series of products; let us study more about Smeg  P755AN 75cm Built-In Gas Hob in this review.

Design Details:

This hob makes it a rectangle shape embedded with 5 burners of different power. It has a black colour finish with the brass details. The burners and the controls are made of brass. The controls are present on the top surface and hence make the hob slimmer. The dimensions are 42mm of height, 750mm of width and 510 mm of depth. This is a built-in style of construction. The built-in style gives a neat look on the platform as it goes with the same surface of the kitchen top. Makes Smeg P755AN 75cm 5 Burner Gas Hob more elegant in look as the pan stands also has a black colour finish. One could easily give a ten on ten for its design and style.


The controls are present on the surface of the hob just in the bottom centre which is been aliened in the same manner of the burners for the easy access. The controls are made of brass material and it has the same brass finish. It is been operated with the automatic electronic ignition which just lights up by the simple turn of the knob and it requires no extra tool to put it to function.


Present in this model are 5 burners each of which varies in power and size. Based on the power and size the pans and pots can be assigned for cooking activity. The burner on the rear left has the power of 1.70 kW, the one on the front left has 1.05 kW, the central is the ultra-rapid burners with 3.5 kW, the rear right burner is with 2.6 kW and the front right one is 1.05 kW.


  • Brass controls are one unique feature of this hob as it is not very common among such models. It is not just attractive but also gives better durability.
  • Heavy duty cast iron pan stands is best to hold the heavy pans steadily. It also stays new for years and is easy to maintain.
  • Automatic electronic ignition makes the operation simple. With just the twist of the knob the burner gets lighted up and makes it ready for use.
  • Safety valves are a great safety feature in which it automatically senses the flame in case put off accidentally. It then stops the flow of gas making it safe for the user. This is one of the must-have features that are required to enhance the safety of the hob.
  • LPG convertible is possible as it comes with the provision and hence if required in future it can be easily converted.

On the whole, although Smeg P755AN “Marc Newson” Gas Hob has no lid, it ensures all the essential features of a great looking gas hob.

Smeg P755AN Black Colour Gas Hob – Technical Specification Table

Manufacturer Smeg
Model Name P755AN 75cm Gas Hob
Type Built-in
Finish Black with Brass
Gas burners 5
Flame failure device Yes
Ignition system Single touch ignition
Dimension (H x W x D) mm 42 x 750 x 510 mm
Highlight features Brass controls
Heavy duty cast iron pan stands
Automatic electronic ignition
Safety valves
LPG convertible
Hob lid No
Power of each zone Rear left – 1.70 kW
Front left – 1.05 kW
Central Ultra-rapid burners – 3.5 kW
Rear right – 2.6 kW
Front right – 1.05 kW
Power source Gas fuel