One of Siemens lime light product is this model which is differently designed and has a fusion of both quality and technology. It does cater to the expectation of its customers and it is been made elegant with the black and stainless steel finish. More on Siemens ER626PB90E IQ700 Built-in Hob can be obtained in the following review.

Design Overview:

Siemens ER626PB90E IQ700 Gas Hob has a built-in type of installation and is been equipped with 4 burners. It is suitable for the domestic use and can easily go with interiors of any style. The colour of the frame is black or stainless steel. The dimension of the product goes as 47mm, 602mm and 520mm.

Technical Details:

This model is set to function with the gas fuel and the electrical connection for the auto ignition is 1 Watts. The length of the cord supplied is 100 cm. The gas connection is present on the rear right side. The power of the 4 heating element are as follows.

  • 1 high speed burner of 2.8 kW
  • 2 standard burner of 1.9 kW
  • 1 economy burner of 1.1 kW


The controls are present in the front side and each of the burner have dedicated control knob. The control knob is designed with the steel finish and it rotates to set the flame simmer, low and high. It also acts as an ignition of the burner. It is simple to maintain and also safe to operate.


  • Front and steel finish controls and the black ceramic glass base adds to the attraction of the hob. It brings out the professional appearance and adds value to the space. Added to these is the presence of trim front faceted with side trim.
  • Automatic ignition is a convenient factor which sets the burner on fire without any extra gadget. By just a press and turn of the knob the respected burner gets automatically ignited.
  • Variable power levels is an essential feature as based on the volume of cooking and the size of the cooking appliance the power level can be chosen.
  • Flame failure safety device protects both the appliance and the environment as when it senses the fire being put off without knowledge it automatically stops the flow of gas.
  • 2 case iron pan supports is sturdy, attractive and highly functional. It is also easy to maintain and it gives a good base to the cooking pans.


Provided for Siemens ER626PB90E IQ700 4 Burner Gas Hob is the guarantee for the period of 2 years from the manufacturer which covers both the labour and the parts.

Siemens ER626PB90E IQ700 Gas Hob – Technical Specification Table

Manufacturer Siemens
Model Name ER626PB90E IQ700 Gas Hob
Type Built-in
Dimension (H x W x D) mm 47 x 602 x 520 mm
Colour/Finish Black, Stainless steel
Gas burners 4
Flame supervision device Yes
Ignition system Integrated
Controls Front rotary
Highlight features Front and steel finish controls
Black ceramic glass base
Trim front facetted with side trim
Automatic ignition
Variable power levels
Flame failure safety device
2 case iron pan supports
Low profile single piece burner
Hob lid No
Power of each zone 1 high speed burner of 2.8 kW
2 standard burner of 1.9 kW
1 economy burner of 1.1 kW
Warranty 2 years