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Samsung GN642FFXD 4 Burner Gas Hob

Samsung works to make the world better in technology with its constant innovation of diversified products. It leads in the global market with its digital innovation and also has come out with many strategy in collaboration with both the customers and the partners and so is it seen to be a competitive brand world wide. In the home appliance segment comes the range of hobs each of which is differentiated in design and style. In this review one can understand more about Samsung GN642FFXD 4 Burner Gas Hob.

Model Overview:

Hobs being an essential appliance of the active kitchen give the wholesome cooking comfort and when it is with 4 burners the efficiency is increased. Cooking with the hob is based both on the size of the burner and the size of the pan. When the cooking is for the low quantity and small pan the small burner can be chosen and it is vice versa. Samsung GN642FFXD Built-In Gas Hob has an attractive design with the stainless steel finish. This is the colour that can be matched both with as matching and as contrasting. The dimension of the product is 594 x 510 x 50 mm denotes the width, height and depth respectively. This is a built-in model which gets neatly embedded on the counter top further the weight of this product is 11kg and has 4 burners of 3 different sizes.

Hob Elements:

The power and size of the present 4 burners help you to decide the use of different pan sizes. The brief of the same are as follows. It comes with a single 1.00 kW is the  front right burner, there are two 1.75 kW which are the front left and rear right burners and a single 3.00 kW is the rear left burner.


  • Samsung GN642FFXD Stainless Steel Gas Hob comes with the automatic ignition which easily flames without the need of additional gadget. On the twist of the knob it initiates the flame for the instant use.
  • Enamel coated stainless steel frame is just not an attractive design but it also gives easy cleaning and makes maintenance easy.
  • Cast iron pan supports gives a sturdy support even for the heavy pans and it is also highly durable and robust.
  • Front controls makes is easy accessible and it just go the friendly manner to operate and they are placed in order to avoid confusion.
  • Flame safety device adds value to this appliance as when it senses the flame being put off for any reason it automatically stops the flow of the power and hence it is protected from the unexpected dangers.


Samsung does not miss out to offer warranty for the hob series and it is for 24 months for both the parts and labour.

Samsung GN642FFXD Built-in Gas Hob – Technical Specification Table

Manufacturer Samsung
Model Name GN642FFXD 4 Burner Gas Hob
Type Built-in
Finish Stainless steel
Weight 11 kg
Gas burners 4
Flame supervision device Yes
Ignition system Front knob auto ignition
Dimension (W x H x D) 594 x 510 x 50 mm
Highlight features Enamel coated stainless steel frame
Cast iron pan supports
Front controls
Automatic ignition
Flame safety device
4 burners and 3 different burner sizes
LPG conversion kit
Larger cooking surface
Hob lid No
Power of each zone 1 x 1.00 kW front right burner
2 x 1.75 kW front left and rear right burners
1 x 3.00 kW rear left burner
Hot hob indicator No
Warranty 24 months

Smeg P755AN 75cm Gas Hob Review

Stylish appliances find its importance any day as they make you feel better it not only shows your taste but adds value to the space. Smeg is one of such brands who are a specialist in innovating such interesting products with contemporary style and design. This model belongs to the Newson series of products; let us study more about Smeg  P755AN 75cm Built-In Gas Hob in this review.

Design Details:

This hob makes it a rectangle shape embedded with 5 burners of different power. It has a black colour finish with the brass details. The burners and the controls are made of brass. The controls are present on the top surface and hence make the hob slimmer. The dimensions are 42mm of height, 750mm of width and 510 mm of depth. This is a built-in style of construction. The built-in style gives a neat look on the platform as it goes with the same surface of the kitchen top. Makes Smeg P755AN 75cm 5 Burner Gas Hob more elegant in look as the pan stands also has a black colour finish. One could easily give a ten on ten for its design and style.


The controls are present on the surface of the hob just in the bottom centre which is been aliened in the same manner of the burners for the easy access. The controls are made of brass material and it has the same brass finish. It is been operated with the automatic electronic ignition which just lights up by the simple turn of the knob and it requires no extra tool to put it to function.


Present in this model are 5 burners each of which varies in power and size. Based on the power and size the pans and pots can be assigned for cooking activity. The burner on the rear left has the power of 1.70 kW, the one on the front left has 1.05 kW, the central is the ultra-rapid burners with 3.5 kW, the rear right burner is with 2.6 kW and the front right one is 1.05 kW.


  • Brass controls are one unique feature of this hob as it is not very common among such models. It is not just attractive but also gives better durability.
  • Heavy duty cast iron pan stands is best to hold the heavy pans steadily. It also stays new for years and is easy to maintain.
  • Automatic electronic ignition makes the operation simple. With just the twist of the knob the burner gets lighted up and makes it ready for use.
  • Safety valves are a great safety feature in which it automatically senses the flame in case put off accidentally. It then stops the flow of gas making it safe for the user. This is one of the must-have features that are required to enhance the safety of the hob.
  • LPG convertible is possible as it comes with the provision and hence if required in future it can be easily converted.

On the whole, although Smeg P755AN “Marc Newson” Gas Hob has no lid, it ensures all the essential features of a great looking gas hob.

Smeg P755AN Black Colour Gas Hob – Technical Specification Table

Manufacturer Smeg
Model Name P755AN 75cm Gas Hob
Type Built-in
Finish Black with Brass
Gas burners 5
Flame failure device Yes
Ignition system Single touch ignition
Dimension (H x W x D) mm 42 x 750 x 510 mm
Highlight features Brass controls
Heavy duty cast iron pan stands
Automatic electronic ignition
Safety valves
LPG convertible
Hob lid No
Power of each zone Rear left – 1.70 kW
Front left – 1.05 kW
Central Ultra-rapid burners – 3.5 kW
Rear right – 2.6 kW
Front right – 1.05 kW
Power source Gas fuel

Hoover 60cm HGL60ASXGH Gas Hob

Cooking is such an integral part of life that one cannot imagine a life without food; Hoover is a brand that has created a name in household appliances ranging from kettles to vacuum cleaners and now with its entry into home appliances segment the gas hob is the most awaited domestic appliance that is the definite need and pride of every kitchen. Let us browse through the pros about this wondrous gas hob and see the numerous options we get to choose from.

Model Overview

Hoover 60cm HGL60ASXGH Built-In Gas Hob is a stylish and elegant addition to the kitchen, it looks great in its stainless steel finish and its black cast iron fittings. This appliance has the dimensions of 43 x 585 x 500 mm which corresponds to the height, width and the depth.  This product doesn’t render a bulky look to the gas and effectively blends into the kitchen decor. The product also is pretty light weight weighing about 10 kg, ensuring no difficulty in lifting the appliance while cleaning below the hob spills and stains.


This novel gas hob has 4 smart gas burners having different dimensions

  • It comes with a large burner having dimensions of 1 X 3.0 kW that is useful for faster cooking and for placing large bottomed pans for even and quick cooking.
  • The product also is equipped with 2 medium sized burners of 2 x 1.75 kW for all type of utensils and for semi rapid cooking.
  • It also comes with a small burner with the dimensions 1×1.0 kW ideal for a pan that needs minimum place to sit. Thus these burners provide the right blend of size and speed for faster cooking be it for a party or for a small family.

Key Points:

Hoover HGL60ASXGH Stainless Steel Gas Hob has three outstanding features that encompass usefulness as well as safety features in them they are:

  • The single touch ignition ensures that all the knobs are aligned with the electric ignition control this makes lighting of the gas hob easier and quicker with a single touch.
  • The maintenance of this appliance becomes even simpler with the single piece hob plate made of cast iron that not only provides strength but also allows easy dismantling to maintain good hygiene.
  • The best safety feature of this gas hob is the flame failure device that ensures that even in case if the flame is accidentally put off the thermocouple device will automatically cut the gas supply preventing any mishaps.

Overall, Hoover HGL60ASXGH 4 Burner Gas Hob is a great looking creation that simplifies cooking time and also makes cleaning a very easy task with its easy to maintain accessories; it certainly will win and serve the kitchen needs for many years to come.

Hoover HGL60ASXGH Gas Hob – Technical Specification Table

Manufacturer Hoover
Model Name HGL60ASXGH Gas Hob
Type Built-in
Material Stainless steel
Gas burners 4
Flame failure device Yes
Ignition system Single touch ignition
Dimension (H x W x D) mm 43 x 585 x 500 mm
Highlight features Front control operation
Tough cast iron pan stands
Single touch ignition
One piece hob plate
Hob lid No
Power of each zone 1 x 3.00 kW large burner
2 x 1.75 kW semi-rapid burners
1 x 1.00 kW small burner
Power source Gas fuel

Beko HIZG64120 Built-In Gas Hob

Beko, the brand known for its home and kitchen appliances have increased the varieties by introducing many improved design and style in the models. They are one among the familiar brands who adhere to offer supportive service and keep their customers close with their products. Beko HIZG64120 Built-In Gas Hob is another stylish addition which is been reviewed as follows.

Model Debut:

Cooking with the hob is based on the size of the pan and the size of the flame as it has to be taken care that the flame does not go beyond the pan bottom. The large flame goes well for high cooking and the small one for the low power cooking. The overall dimension is 580mm in width, 510mm in depth and 55mm built in height. The weight that takes it in net is 6.9kg and gross it is 7.8kg. Beko presents in model in 3 different colour variants for the flexible choice of the customers. One can easily match this appliance with the interiors as the choice given is white, stainless steel and black which is easy to both match and contrast if preferred.

Impressive Features:

Automatic ignition – This proves the model to be a higher end one as it gives the facility of automatically lightening up without the need of any additional gadget. It just lights up with the stick of the power on knob.

Gloss finish enamel pan support – For those who do not compromise with the design finds this design interesting as it comes with the gloss finish for the pan support which is been given the enamel advantage.

Easy to clean one piece hob plate – Since this model is been uniquely designed with a single piece hob plate it makes cleaning easy. There is no requirement of any special detergents as just by removing the pan support and the burner caps the cleaning procedure can be taken care. It is easy to maintain it as new as ever.

Flame safety device – This comes as an additional feature which functions automatically when it senses the absence of the flame for any reasons. This device when it senses the flame failure it automatically stops the flow of the gas for the additional safety.

Side rotary controls – Not the one that is unique but still works better than the models with the controls on the front side. In this case the little hands cannot reach the knobs easily and it also gives a close feel of the hob. It is sure to impress many who compare the models of different styles of the control panel.

LPG conversion kit – This is a desirable feature that keeps the customers going prepared for the future conversion. This model is been given the advantage to take care of the LPG conversion if required on the purchase of the special kit that is available.

Larger cooking surface – The overall spacing between the burners is lavish and the cooking surface is also a great going for the 4 burners where in there are model which handle about 5 burners in this given space. This is definitely a pro for the user.

The Elements:

Beko HIZG64120 Stainless Steel, White, Black Finish Gas Hob that comes with the 4 elements with the 3 different power levels makes it an interesting one for the general family use. The front left element is with the high power with 2.9 kw and it allows to be used for the large pans. The front right is another unique element which is with the power of 1.0 kw. The total power load is 7.9 kW.


Although the flame safety device comes as optional the good news is that it can be opted for this model. However the features like hob on indicator and the hot hob indicators are absent. Beko HIZG64120 4 Elements Gas Hob is convenient to handle and it is the one which can be in-built in 60cm.


This model comes with the manufacturer guarantee for 12 months and this is one reason for the ultimate peace in the minds for the users.

Beko HIZG64120 Built-In Gas Hob – Technical Specification Table

Manufacturer Beko
Model Name HIZG64120 Built-In Gas Hob
Type Built-in
Available colours / model numbers White – HIZG64120W; Stainless steel – HIZG64120X;
Black – HIZG64120B
Weight Net – 6.9 kg
Gross – 7.8 kg
Gas burners 4
Flame supervision device Yes
Ignition system Under knob auto ignition
Dimension 580mm Width x 510mm Depth x 55mm built in Height
Highlight features Thermocouples
Automatic ignition
Gloss finish enamel pan support
Easy to clean one piece hob plate
Flame safety device
Side rotary controls
3 different burner sizes
LPG conversion kit
Larger cooking surface
Hob lid No
Power of each zone 1 x 2.90 kW rapid wok burner
2 x 2.00 kW semi-rapid burners
1 x 1.00 kW auxiliary burner
Total power load 7.9 kW
Hob on indicator No
Hot hob indicator No
Guarantee 12 months

Baumatic B72TCBL Gas Hob Review

Baumatic has been fully dedicated in the consumer market since its existence. With an interesting brand strategy and talents architect they have created a collection of products that prove to be dynamic in the current market. They have created a market globally and bring in more leisure time among the users with its appliance in the cooking and cleaning segment. The following is the review of Baumatic B72TCBL 60cm 4 Burner Glass Gas Hob which shows the product details, its pros and shortcomings as well.

Model Overview:

This model meets the expectation of the users in terms of design and they involve up to date technology. At the upfront the colour and finish matters much for such appliance. This model comes in full black finish and it is made of glass material. In order to add to the decor of the space it follows the built-in strategy and gets neatly embedded on the work top. This brings the height down and gives a comfort cleaning too. Just wiping it off along the counter top is possible with the built-in type. The dimension of this model is 560mm in width, 480mm in depth and 50mm in height.

Burners and Power:

Baumatic B72TCBL 60cm Black Colour Hob consists of 4 burners and each of it varies in size and power. This model functions with the gas fuel. In order make it suitable for the different styles of cooking and cooking with different pot sizes this formula is been incorporated. It comes with a single 3.50kW which is the highest in power and it has Triple Crown wok burner. It can take large size pans and does support quicker cooking. There are 2 other burners of the same power which are 1.75kW and it is a semi-rapid burners. It does optimise the cooking heat and can be used for the medium cooking. The single low power burner is with the power of 1.00 kW and it is suitable for the small pans and also for slow cooking. All of these serve the family requirement of cooking and it meets to the expectation levels of the user.


Each of the burner is been controlled independently and they are located in the front stretch. It gives easy access to the burners. It comes with the markings and allows you to set the flame in different levels. The high, medium and the simmering of the flame is possible for each of the burners through the dedicated control knobs. Baumatic B72TCBL Built-in Hob comes with automatic ignition and on the click of the knob the flame is produced.


Pan support – Well designed and a style statement of this model is the pan support. The flame spreader is also effective. It comes with a special RANA design pan stand which is been made of cast iron which performs well on high heat and is also durable.

Flame safety device – This is a great supervision of the flame when it detects that the gas is been emitted without the flame it automatically stops the flow of gas from the mains.

Automatic Ignition – With the under knob auto ignition operating this hob is simple and it can be put to lit automatically with the need of any special or additional gadget.

LPG conversion jets – The availability of the LPG conversion jets this models stand competitive with the models with this feature.

Other product details:

The glass finish is one interesting aspect which requires minimum maintenance compared to the other type of hobs. Literally the problems faced by other types like stains, lead content and even rusting is not encountered with this model. However it does not come with the hob lid which is a disappointment for the people who desire to have it.

Baumatic B72TCBL Auto-Ignition Gas Hob – Technical Specification Table

Manufacturer Baumatic
Model Name B72TCBL 60cm 4 Burner Glass Gas Hob
Type Built-in
Available colours Black
Material Glass
Gas burners 4
Flame supervision device Yes
Ignition system Under knob auto ignition
Dimension 560mm Width x 480mm Depth x 50mm Height
Highlight features Front control operation
RANA design cast iron pan stands
Under knob auto ignition
LPG conversion jets
Flame spreader
Hob lid No
Power of each zone 1 x 3.50 kW triple crown wok burner
2 x 1.75 kW semi-rapid burners
1 x 1.00 kW auxiliary burner
Power source Gas fuel

Zanussi ZGL62ITW 60cm 4 burner Gas Hob

Zanussi is an Italian brand which designs the appliances with the combination of ease of use and with enhanced functional features to suit the modern living. It has the establishment since 1916 from when it concentrates on different domestic and home appliances. The service and support comes handy with this brand and they serve the customers and the environment with much care and protection. Zanussi ZGL62ITW 60cm 4 burner Gas Hob is one among its success products and the following review throws more light on it for better understanding.

The Basics:

Gas hobs are commonly preferred by many users and it gives you the benefit of efficiency, independence and safety. With the many up gradations Zanussi brings in this model that works with imagination. The design looks great and the radiant finish is another pro encountered with Zanussi ZGL62ITW Domestic, Built-in Gas Hob. The gas hobs are easy to handle and it gives the right temperature with out much requirement of programming. The energy utilisation is also justifiable and hence it can be preferred rather than those with the electric fuel. Hobs are really comfortable for kitchen and this model allows you to build in on the kitchen counter top.

  • Colour – It comes in the bright white finish that can be preferred for the contemporary homes. It comes with the design soft and elegant that ticks any hearts to compliment.
  • Dimension – When taken as a whole it comes in the dimension of 550mm in width, 470mm in depth and 30mm in built in Height.
  • Weight – This model is easy for transport and weighs 6.6kg as net and 8.2kg in gross. It is also not a heavy one to be handled for built-in in any type of counter top.

Burners and Power:

Incorporated with 4 burners each of which has variable power to meet different cooking requirements. The brief of the same is been discussed as follows. Each of the burners comes with the burner cap, burner crown, ignition electrode and thermocouple. It consists of a single 3.00 kW rapid wok burner which can accommodate the pan size of minimum of 180mm and the maximum of 260mm. There are a couple of 2.00 kW semi-rapid burners which is the medium sized one with the minimum and maximum 120mm and 220mm respectively. The single 1.00 kW auxiliary burner with the diameters 80mm and 160mm as minimum and maximum.

Cleaning and Maintenance:

Zanussi ZGL62ITW 4 burner Gas Hob maintains at ease by simple wiping over with a soft cloth with warm water and it is advisable no to use the hard detergents, steel wool pads and other stain removers. It should be maintained not being in contact with substance like vinegar, salt and lemon juice. The pan support are dishwasher safe and the enamelled finish makes cleaning easy and can be maintained every new. So are the burner caps and the crowns which can be removed for cleaning.


  • Thermocouples comes as a safety feature in which it senses when the flame goes out, then the gas is automatically shut off to prevent the leakage. It gives a lot of peace of minds and is a must have feature.
  • Automatic ignition is a feature of this model which by turning the knob automatically releases the gas and ignites simultaneously in a single go.
  • Easy to clean enamel pan support just cleans away the dirt by just wiping in a cloth of duke warm water.
  • Side rotary controls have its own advantage over the front controls as in this type the little fingers are out of reach.
  • LPG conversion kit means a lot in the latest appliance as it gives the flexibility to switch over if required.


Zanussi offers 12 months guarantee for this product which protects the appliance from workmanship defects or material damage for 12 months from the date of purchase.

Zanussi ZGL62ITW Gas Hob White – Technical Specification Table

Manufacturer Zanussi
Model Name ZGL62ITW 60cm 4 burner Gas Hob
Type Built-in
Available colours White
Weight Net – 6.6 kg
Gross – 8.2 kg
Gas burners 4
Flame supervision device Yes
Ignition system Under knob auto ignition
Dimension 550mm Width x 470mm Depth x 30mm built in Height
Highlight features Thermocouples
Automatic ignition
Easy to clean enamel pan support
Flame safety device
Side rotary controls
New soft design
One piece hob surface
LPG conversion kit
Hob lid No
Power of each zone 1 x 3.00 kW rapid wok burner
2 x 2.00 kW semi-rapid burners
1 x 1.00 kW auxiliary burner
Guarantee 12 months

Indesit PI640 Gas Hob Review

The PI640 Gas Hob from the makes of Indesit is a sophisticated built-in hob that will keep the kitchen humming and your family well served with great foods. Besides, enjoying the efficiency and ease of use the gas hob has to offer, the PI640ASWH Integrated Gas Hob can refresh the kitchen set up to nicety.

As a brand, Indesit does not need the greatest of introductions. Guess what, the first thing that pops up in your mind when you think of Indesit is their innovative technology. No wonder all their kitchen appliances are top class when it comes to quality and efficiency. Though Indesit Gas Hobs are easy on the eye with distinctive style and great ease of use, they have their share of both negatives as well as positives. Let us find out if the PI640 Gas Hob does what it says on the tin starting with the plus and minuses of the gas hob.

What is hot?

  • Great looks and easy to clean with no awkward corners
  • Works pretty well with a good range of ring sizes
  • Easy flow of gas flame & hot adjustable burn
  • Looks sturdy and the buttons feel sturdy
  • Easy to operate controls
  • Reasonably good power from the Gas Hob
  • Ignition can work first time, each time
  • Push & turn controllers make it fully safe to light with a match or lighter

What is not?

  • Switch for ignition isn’t good
  • Symbols to indicate which gas is being used do not seem logical
  • Ring indicators on ignition buttons are a bit hard to see
  • Smaller pans tend to slide a bit off burner rings with not much grip on pans
  • Some jets are quite noisy
  • Position of Gas ring controls seems little confusing
  • Cooking height adjustment can be better with more options

Design Features:

The Indesit PI 640 4-Burner Gas Hob sports the signature design of Indesit that could go well with the rest of the kitchen decor. The manufacturer has supplied the built-in hob with a lot of choice of colours on offer including White (PI 640 AS WH/ PI 640 A WH), Black (PI 640 A BK/ PI 640 AS BK) and finishes including enamel (PI 640 AS WH, PI 640 A BK, PI 640 A WH, PI 640 AS BK) and stainless steel (PI 640 AS IX, PI 640 A IX). Equipped with enamel pan supports, it is gratifying to see that there are not any sharp corners on the hob, which trap cooking residues. This means you can quickly wipe the hob off using a damp cloth, thereby making it look sparklingly new.

Gas burners: The PI640 Gas Hob is built with 4 gas burners of power 7.8 kW. These gas burners are of different sizes and this means you can find a good fit for all regular sizes of pots and pans. You need to use the correct diameter of the cookware to select the most suitable burner to cook with. We found the Gas burner Ignition quite impressive and it helps a specific burner to be lit automatically. The flame spreader and the pan support have an enamelled finish. The metal stands do not fit that well over the burners, but seem to do the job well. Also, we are not very impressed with the gas ring controls either as they are slightly confusing. The oven takes sometime to heat up too.

Another positive is that it comes with a plug on it instead of the extensive wiring. This is a perfect gas hob to replace if you are struggling with a fitted gas oven. The plug did well to speed up fitting and got rid of a fairly expensive problem because you need not have to replace the hob with another ineffective gas unit. The new safety cut out feature is a superb addition. We also like the fact that you need to hold the button down for a while to start it on. The Indesit is a quick start gas hob built with a push button ignition system.

Dimension: The PI 640 hob is quite tall with a size of 33mm (H) x 580mm (W) x 510mm (D).  The depth is more than it’s supposed to be, so this means you need to have an additional depth (around 2″-3″) depth where you’re going to fit the Indesit PI640.

Control Knobs: We also found the visual symbols on the control taps poorly marked and this makes it all the more difficult to see and identify, so the peculiar tap action of the hob may get some getting used to. If customer reviews are anything to go by, then all the knobs which control the burners are in somewhat weird order. The controller on the side would have been a lot better if they are designed at the front of the gas hob. The location of the control knobs is a little confusing as it makes one guess which control knob is for which gas ring. Also we expected the lowest setting of the hob to be much higher.

Pan supports: Another disappointment is that the pans do not sit evenly and mind you they can be knocked down and tilted over. We weren’t the most comfortable when we placed cooking trays on top and took them out from the hob for they can slip easily owing to the grid’s rounded effect. This could prove dangerous with hot liquids. You also have to take extra bit of care when you remove the metal pan supports off to wash as you may lose the little back rubbers which prevent the scratching if you use the Indesit designed with a stainless steel finish.

Once hot, one of the rings takes a bit of time to re-light. And sometimes, there is a tendency for the flame to go out on the small burner when you turn it low. There is a Hot Air Vent near the door which can cause discolouring on the oven handle.

Flame supervision device: The Indesit PI640 Gas Hob comes with a flame supervision device which is fitted to each burner and this obviously is a legal requirement if you live in a multi-dwelling building and flat.  The clock setting is found to be a bit confusing and the timer setting has a certain knack to it. However, once you have got the hang of it, it is fine.

When it comes to washing the hob plates in the dishwasher, the silver trim comes off a bit and this is something you need to watch out for. We also found it a little difficult to get our finger prints mark off the hob, particularly the stainless steel ones.

Warranty details:

The Indesit PI640 Gas Hob is covered under a manufacturer’s warranty of 1 year from the actual purchase date.


The Instruction manual for the PI640 Gas Hob can be a bit clearer. However you can get the hang of it by trial and error. The positives of this Indesit Gas Hob certainly outweigh the cons. All said and done, the Indesit may not have a pleasing effect on someone who wants bells and whistles.

Indesit PI640 Gas Hob  – Technical Specification Table

Manufacturer Indesit
Model Name Indesit PI640 Gas Hob
Type Built-in
Available colours White (PI 640 AS WH/ PI 640 A WH),
Black (PI 640 A BK/ PI 640 AS BK)
Available finishes Enamel (PI 640 AS WH, PI 640 A BK, PI 640 A WH,
PI 640 AS BK), Stainless steel (PI 640 AS IX, PI 640 A IX)
Gas burners 4 (power: 7.8 KW)
Flame supervision device Yes
Ignition system Push-button
Dimension 33mm (H) x 580mm (W) x 510mm (D)
Highlight features Enamelled pan supports
Gas burner Ignition
Flame spreader
Hob lid No
Warranty 1 year

Lloytron E831SS 1500W Single Hob

Electric plate Hobs make use of conventional solid electric plates for heating pans and pots and usually fall in the lower end of the price range. So they are a cost-effective hob option and definitely worth a check out. Though these hob types are few and far between nowadays, they are still made and distributed by a few brands including Lloytron. And this review will take you through their E831SS Single Hob which is price tagged at roughly £20 online and carries a decent set of features. Here is a brief review on the product.


The Lloytron E831SS 1500W Single Hob has a stylish piece of design that can sync with the decor of your kitchen area at home. Made of stainless steel exterior, the durable E831SS is built of a heavy duty single cast iron hot plate of 1500W power in black colour. So that is all about the aesthetic appeal of the unit. The exterior of the electric hob is fully heat resistant as well as corrosion resistant. When it comes to cooking, it is faster than the gas type due to the power of 1500W and that is pretty impressive. There is a thermostat control that looks after how hot the hob gets or in other words, its function is to regulate the temperature of the hot plate.

Variable heat settings:
As with most electric hobs, the hot plate comes with variable heat settings controlled by a thermostat. You can turn the controls to the required settings for a wide range of functions including simmering, boiling and rolling boil. For the sake of safety, there is an overheat protection and this makes the E831SS a very handy tool whether you need it to use it at home, garden, workplace and caravan.

Other features: The Lloytron E831SS hob features a neon power indicator to show when the unit is switched ON. You will find non-slip rubber feet at the base of the electric hob which secures the entire unit in place and offers more stability to it while in operation.


We have tried many other hobs as part of our routine testing process only to find that they either take a hell lot of time or stop boiling completely on turning the knob to 2 or 3. In contrast, the Lloytron E831SS boils pretty fast and all it takes is a few minutes of your time. On the flip side, it takes only a few minutes to lessen the boiling on turning the switch from 5 to 2 and that is pretty normal for any hob. All said and done, the E831SS should still do its intended job reasonably well.

Easy to Clean:

Cleaning the Lloytron E831SS is a breeze, provided there is no spillage to harden as you will have to clean it up after every use. All you need to do to keep the surface clean is to wipe the surface making use of a damp cloth.  You may also go for a little bit of washing-up liquid. But make sure you avoid any abrasive cleaners or harsh solvers while cleaning up the surface.


The Lloytron E831SS 1500W Single Hob is worth every penny and if the impressive list of its features is any indication, you will not be able to find a cheaper hob option, though in our hindsight gas hobs are more popular as heat distribution with them is really good. This said every hob type has it own merits and demerits. But for now if you are looking for an electric hob during kitchen alteration or camping, you do have a ready option at hand!

Lloytron E831SS 1500W Table Top Hob – Product Specification Table

Manufacturer Lloytron
Model Name Lloytron E831SS 1500W Single Hob
Product Code E831SS
Material of body Stainless steel
Colour of plate Black
Corrosion resistant Yes
Heat resistant Yes
Thermostat control Yes
Variable heat settings Yes
Number of Burners/Zones 1
Power on indicator Yes (Neon power indicator)
Non-slip feet Yes
Overheat protection Yes
Highlight features 1500W heavy duty single cast iron hot plate
Easy clean up
Thermostatically controlled

Russell Hobbs 15199 Electric Mini Hob

The 15199 Electric Mini Hob from Russell Hobs is the perfect table top cooking solution if you are actually pressed for space. This electric hob is pretty portable and this means you will have no trouble using it wherever you want (holiday home, camping, etc).

Coming to the brand, Russell Hobbs has been synonymous with style, quality and innovation for well over five decades or so. The fact that it is recognised by 9 out of 10 consumers as a top small appliance manufacturer in the UK is an indication of the strength of the brand. Besides, its numerous product accreditations by leading institutes and several awards speak volume of its value. But will its 15199 Mini Hob deliver in terms of performance, function and value? Let us see what our experts have to say on this electric hob in this rather brief review.

Design Features:

The Russell Hobbs 15199 Electric Mini Hob is made of durable, stainless steel which gives it a  nice, clean finish and is sealed against spillages, protecting against overflows or accidental spills. This freestanding electric hob is built with two hotplates made of ceramic that come in two sizes – large cooking plate (1500 W) and small cooking plate (750 W) for added convenience. These two non-stick hotplates can be independently controlled without any hassle. In terms of size and weight, the electric mini hob is light, compact and highly portable. This hob that retails around £40 online boasts an impressive look and does exactly what it says on the can.


Each hot plate has a variable, independent heat control that you can operate with a dial. The controls are marked MIN (off) to MAX. If you need to switch a hot plate on, you should turn its control clockwise from MIN and to switch a hotplate off, you have to turn its control anti-clockwise to MIN. The controls can be turned to the required settings with the lower settings (1-2) for simmering, medium settings (3-4) for rolling boil and the higher settings (5-6) can be used for boiling. However, we found that the control dials are not clearly marked at all and have slightly raised marks on black and black numbers, making it difficult to perceive.


This Russell Hobbs 15199 2-plate electric hob comes with its own independent thermostat control which regulates the temperature. Each hotplate is designed with a power on neon indicator light and each light glows when you are heating the hotplate and goes off when the set temperature is attained. The light then cycles on and off as the thermostat operates for maintaining the temperature.

Non-slip Feet:

The base of the electric hob is fitted with non-slip feet which secures the hob in place and gives it more sturdiness. If customer reviews are any indication, the small feet were not that evenly balanced and this means you need to stick additional pieces of plastic discs under one of its feet.

Use the correct type of pan:

Make sure you place the hob on a stable, uniform,  heat resistant work surface of minimum 75cm (30 inches) above the floor level and it is required you have a minimum space clearance of 5cm (2”) all around. Also, heavy pans with a flat bottom give good contact with the hotplates. Use of oversized pans like catering pans or those that cover both hotplates could reduce the working life of the hob by overheating the hob. We also found the outside could get heated up quickly and radiate heat which you can get this around using a heat proof board underneath to provide additional protection to the kitchen worktop.

Easy to Clean:

Cleaning this Russell Hobbs 15199 Stainless Steel electric hob is a doodle, provided you do not leave any spillage to harden and mop it up after each use. When it comes to cleaning the surface, all you need to do is wipe the surface using a damp cloth and if necessary, you can make use of little washing-up liquid without going for harsh solvers or abrasive cleaners.

Manufacturer Guarantee:

The Russell Hobbs 15199 Electric Mini Hob is covered under a manufacturer’s warranty of 1 year against manufacturing defects, starting from the original date of purchase.

Instruction Manual:

An instruction manual is provided alongside the product, should you have any difficulty using the electric hob. The manual gives you some interesting recipes using the hob to get you started. However we recommend you get a recipe book to help you prepare healthy foods for your family.


There are a few things that this electric hob is built short of, primarily the controls including touch control, digital/LED display, timer and other programmable controls. There is no griddle, wok burner and warming plate integrated into the hob and the inclusion of any of these would have been proved pretty useful. There is no lid to gain additional workspace and protect the hob at the same time. Finishing on a positive note, the hot plate of the hob is good and does its job reasonably well and that is good news.

Russell Hobbs 15199 Electric Mini Hob – Technical Specification Table

Manufacturer Russell Hobbs
Model Name Russell Hobbs 15199 Electric Mini Hob
Product Code 15199
Number of Burners/Zones 2
Material of body Stainless steel
Material of plate Ceramic
Heat resistant Yes
Sizes Large (1500 W), Small (750 W)
Control settings features Low (1-2), medium (3-4), high (5-6)
Thermostat Control Yes
Power on indicator 1Yes (neon indicator light)
Non-slip feet Yes
Safety cut out Yes
Griddle No
Wok burner No
Warming plate No
Hob lid No
Programmable controls No
Timer No
Touch controls No
Digital/LED display No
Type Freestanding
Variable temperature Yes
Design features Independently controlled hot plates
Variable, independent heat control
Non-stick plates
Dishwasher safe (plates) No
Instruction manual Yes
Guarantee 1 year

Andrew James 1500 Watts Electric Single Hob

Most electric hobs available on the market these days are easier to clean and give you more cooking flexibility with an accurate temperature control against other forms of hob. Available in frameless edge, electric single hobs are generally designed in a way so as to not trap food and you may also count on the several number of accessories that come alongside the product including grids for grilling and interchangeable burners. In the following review, let us deal with a popular electric hob in the product line up of Andrew James.

Talking about the brand, Andrew James have had many innovative products in its line up including the Luxury Stone grill and not to mention its food vacuum sealers and food mixers that were  voted by the ‘Independent’ as being the top 10 in the UK.

Design features:

The Andrew James Electric Single Hob is a solid piece of engineering built with a single burner/zone which works pretty well. The electric hob is quick to warm up and pretty controllable. Ideal for any application, it requires a suitable heat source when you are taking over to the kitchen. The body is made of stainless steel; its quality construction ensures it is perfect for camping or during kitchen alteration. Also it is highly heat resistant and corrosion resistant. Unfortunately, the electric hob is not built with electronic touch control as that would have got rid of the knob that you will find in as the control type. This said, this hob still gives you a wipe clean surface.  The integration of non-slip feet gives a firm footing and prevents slipping and needless movements of the hob. Coming to the size, the diameter of the hotplate is 185mm.

Heating element: The single solid plate made of die-cast iron is built with the ability to distribute the heat directly to your utensil by focusing the heat directly to the ‘zones’ on the hob. Like most hobs, it has a sealed electric element of power 1500W.

Thermostat control: This electric hob has its own independent thermostat control that regulates the temperature. There is also a power indicator light that shows which ring you are operating. As a matter of safety, the Andrew James hob is built with an overheat protection which makes this hob a very useful tool for use around the workplace, home, garden and caravan.

Auto-safety shut off: The auto-safety shut off can automatically switch off the hob, in case you leave it on for an unsafe period of time.

Quality certifications & Warranty:

As a mark of quality, the Andrew James 1500 watts electric hob is ROHS and CE approved. The Andrew James Electric Single Hob is covered under a one year manufacturer’s warranty against manufacturing defects and this warranty commences from the original date of purchase.


Consuming a voltage of 220-240V 50/60Hz, this electric hob is very easy to clean. We used the hob in our office kitchen and it could boil a pan of water simply as fast as a full-size hob on a cooker. The heating element is built with the ability to stay hot for a long time even after you switch it off, but then you get what you pay for. If you go for an induction hob, it will cost you around £70 to £100, but you should be happy with this basic model for less than £20.

Andrew James 1500 Watts Electric Single Hob – Product Specification Table

Manufacturer Andrew James
Model Name Andrew James Electric Single Hob
Diameter of hotplate 185mm
Number of Burners/Zones 1
Material of body Stainless steel
Material of plate Ceramic
Corrosion resistant Yes
Heat resistant Yes
Heating element Die-cast iron (1500W)
Power on indicator Yes
Thermostat Control Yes
Non-slip rubber feet Yes
Voltage 220-240V 50/60Hz
ROHS/CE approved Yes
Design features 1500W die-cast iron heating element
Automatic safety shut off
Overheat protection
Easy to clean & durable
Manufacturer warranty 1 year