Neff, the popular brand in the household appliance segment world wide gives out hobs of different types. The hob category includes gas, induction, ceramic and domino. They are designed with rich style and functions. Each of its hobs allows choosing the colour timed models and the knobs to match the chosen version. Neff T67F76 Series 5 Extra Wide Gas Hob is an interesting product of this brand and more on it can be studied in this review.


This model is a built-in type of appliance which is been equipped with 5 burners. The controls are present in the front stretch with the oval control knobs and it is also been associated with the indicator light. Neff T67F76 Gas Hob has black ceramic glass with stainless steel finish that makes it spirited in creation. The dimension of this said model is 708 x 546 x 54 mm. The prime highlight of the design is the bevelled oval control which is ergonomically designed and it gives an easy grip even with the moist hands. This stands to be the signature aspect of Neff and can be easily blended and co-ordinated with the rest of the kitchen appliance. It does come with the cast iron pan support that is sturdy and great on use. It makes the look more professional and also compliments to the most with the stainless steel combination. The extra wide design makes it more convenient for the user to cook with larger and bigger pans.


Each of the 5 burners functions with different power levels. They are 1 high speed, 1 wok, 2 standard and 1 economy burners. The wok burner of 4.2 kWatts makes the most of the user as it easily handles any types of dishes.


  • Flame failure safety device is a safety measure that this model gives and it is also automatic. When the device senses the flame being put off while the knob is in the ‘ON’ position then it automatically stops the flow of the gas.
  • Automatic re-ignition in just the press and twist of the knob which lit up the burner instantly. There is no requirement for any extra gadget to do the lit up process. Hence it is easy and simple.
  • 1 stage residual heat indicator intimates the temperature level this protects the user from touching while the heat persists.
  • Warning lights intimate the functioning of the hob and it also denotes the heat on the burners which keeps away the user from touching.
  • Quick stop function is possible by just turning off the knob instantly. The heat flow stops at once and it is safe during the times when it gets over heated.

Standard Accessories:

Neff provides the user of T67F76 Gas Hob with the LPG jets which are included and the wok pan support which again comes along with the purchase of this product.

Neff T67F76 Ceramic Glass Gas Hob – Technical Specification Table

Manufacturer Neff
Model Name T67F76 Series 5 Extra Wide Gas Hob
Type Built-in
Finish Black ceramic glass with stainless steel
Controls Bevelled oval controls
Gas burners 5
Flame supervision device Yes
Ignition system Auto ignition
Dimension (W x H x D) 708 x 546 x 54 mm
Highlight features Flame failure safety device
Automatic re-ignition
1 stage residual heat indicator
Warning lights
Bevelled design trim
Low profile, 1 piece burner
2 piece black cast iron pan supports
Protective rubber feet
Hob lid No
Power of each zone 1 high speed, 1 wok, 2 standard and 1 economy burners
Wok burner of 4.2 kWatts
Standard accessories LPG jets included, wok pan support

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