The intelligent performance of Miele products is the secret behind the success of both the brand and the product. Ideas and innovation has been with them since its establishment which makes it traditionally successful. Similar to most of the models of this brand Miele KM2032 Built-In Gas Hob shows superior performance and safety. In order to extract maximum information about the product is the following review of this model.


The overall concept is to make it functionally convenient for the user for the cooking functions is this model with a perfect dimension with 5 burners. This model is designed with the 750mm width and goes for built-in purpose. It gets neatly embedded in the kitchen top. The colour of stainless steel makes the most for the kitchen space and it also depicts the durability. It also makes cleaning simple. The width and the length of the hob are 750mm and 520mm.

Burners and Power:

The principle of efficiency and convenience gives out that this model comes with 5 burners with different power and size. Miele KM2032 Stainless Steel Gas Hob is designed keeping in mind the common cooking activity for the domestic purpose. The details of each zone and its power are large burner of 2.6 kw, 2 medium burner of 1.75 kw, 1 small burner of 1.0 kw and 1 mono wok of 3.80 kw. In fact this seems to be derived from the functional use of medium and large family size.


Although the controls are not sporty it is a harmonious concept which is been aliened in the straight line and each of the control knob is dedicated to each burners. It is located in the front side and hence makes it easily accessible.

The control knobs are rotary type which gives press down ignition control. It automatically lights up and the size of the flame is also controllable.

The special wok burner is ideal for cooking with more power. The hob consists of cast iron pots which is not just durable but also adds to the style.

There are few safety features associated with this model and they are the thermoelectric ignition safety device which automatically takes care of the gas supply leakage and when the flame is been interrupted the appliance automatically stops the supply of the gas enhancing the safety of the environment.


Thanks to this great Miele KM2032 5-Burner Gas Hob and what more along with the stylish design, cast iron pans, gas safety cut off making a host of conveniences. It is added with the guarantee for the period of 2 years.

Miele KM2032 Specs

Manufacturer Miele
Model Name KM2032 Gas Hob
Type Built-in
Finish Stainless steel
Hob dimension (W x L) mm 750 x 520 mm
Gas burners 5
Flame supervision device Yes
Ignition system Front knob auto ignition
Controls Rotary dial controls
Highlight features 750mm width
Safety gas cut off
Direct access to controls
On set controls with electric ignition
Cast iron pan support
Even heat distribution
Hob lid No
Power of each zone Large burner of 2.6 kw
2 medium burner of 1.75 kw
1 small burner of 1.0 kw
1 mono wok of 3.80 kw
Diameter of cookware Triple crown 180 to 260 mm
Rapid 160 to 260 mm
Semi-rapid 120 to 220mm
Auxiliary 80 to 180 mm
Guarantee 2 years