Kitchen space looks chic and attractive with wise designing and proper allocation of various appliance. Built-in hobs make it more attractive and give a contemporary appearance. When the product is from the leading brand Hotpoint, most of the essentials and the uniqueness is been ensured along with the guarantee period of 12 months. This product does make an impressive impression in any kitchen and more about Hotpoint GE641TX Built-In Gas Hob can be obtained in the following review.


Like most other hobs Hotpoint GE641TX Stainless Steel Gas Hob is also designed in a user-friendly manner. It does equip with few interesting features which are been discussed as follows.

  • Burners – Each of the burners differ in size and the power which allows the user to choose based on the cookware. It is quite easy to choose among the 4 burners based on the cooking needs.
  • Automatic Ignition – The burners can be lit automatically with the control knob. It does not require any other gadget to light the burner. This is also a convenient feature available to the user.
  • Control knobs – The knobs present are dedicated to each of the burners which is been operated manually and it controls the power and the size of the flame.
  • Flame safety device – One another important feature is the safety device which automatically stops the flow of the gas when it senses the flame been extinguished without authorisation.
  • Triple ring wok burner – This is the larger burner which is ideal for stir frying. It also distributes heat evenly and works best for perfect cooking.

Physical Characteristics:

This hob is been operated with the gas power. It has stainless steel finish which blends with most interiors and is also highly durable and robust. It consists of 4 burners and they are uniquely aligned with the placement of control knobs on both sides. It states the dimension of 600mm in width and 510mm in depth.

Burners – Size and power:

The available 4 burner varies in size and it can be used based on the size of the cookware. The size of the cookware which is suitable for each of the burners are  for the fast burner the pan size in diameter is 24-26mm, for the reduced fast it is 22-24mm, for the semi fast the pan size is 16-20mm and for the auxiliary it is 10-14mm. The total power of all the burners is 8.85 kW.

Other Product Details:

This hob comes with the cast iron pan support which is easy to maintain and is also durable along with the ability to withstand high heat. Although it does not come with the lid it gives the required attraction. The stainless steel finish is one of the main considerations for its durability.


Provided is the guarantee for the period of 12 months which covers both parts and labour. This gives additional peace in the minds of the user to settle with Hotpoint GE641TX 4-Burner Gas Hob that is enriched in style and design.

Hotpoint GE641TX Specifications

Manufacturer Hotpoint
Model Name GE641TX Gas Hob
Type Built-in
Finish Stainless steel
Hob dimension (W x L) mm 600 x 510 mm
Gas burners 4
Flame supervision device Yes
Ignition system Front knob auto ignition
Controls Rotary knob
Highlight features Gas burners of different size
Dedicated control knobs
Automatic ignition
Flame safety device
Cast iron pan support
Even heat distribution
Hob lid No
Gas power 8.85 kW
Diameter of cookware Fast 24-26mm
Reduced fast 22-24mm
Semi fast 16-20mm
Auxiliary 10-14mm
Guarantee 12 months