Electrolux the manufacturers of kitchen and home appliances have crossed 40 million products right from its beginning. It has customer base in over 150 countries across the globe. With the proud stand in this competitive market their innovation is endless and dedicated Electrolux EHG9832X 90cm Gas Hob categorised in the kitchen appliance segment is been review to bridge the gap between understanding about the product.

Design Overview:

This model is an integrated appliance that gets blended with the kitchen table top. It is been designed with 6 burners and the appliance takes a wide shape with the XL width of 90cm. This is an impressive design as it gives flexible cooking with more spaces and easy alignment. It is been made of high grade stainless steel material and the finish is also stainless steel made. The dimension of this product is 894mm in width and 510mm in length.


Electrolux EHG9832X 90cm Stainless Steel Gas Hob comes with 6 burners and each of it is been operated with the dedicated control knob. The front position of the hob is where the controls are located. It is been placed in the centre and is great for both the left and the right hand users.

Power zones and the cooking:

This model is been functioned with the gas energy and the available 6 burners are of different power levels. It comes with a single burner of Triple Crown burner of 4.0 kW, a single Rapid burner of 3.0 kW power, two burner of Semi-rapid type with the power of 2.0 kW and another two auxiliary burner of 1.0 kW. This makes it easy for the user to choose the burner based on the cookware and the volume related to the available time as well. The cookware that are advisable to use in these burners are Triple crown 180 to 260 mm, Rapid 160 to 260 mm, Semi-rapid 120 to 220mm and the auxiliary 80 to 180 mm.

Features and Functions:

  • Safety gas cut off are available as in case the flame goes out without knowledge the gas flow is been automatically stopped and hence safety is been ensured to the maximum.
  • Direct access to controls is because the control knob is present in the front panel and each knob is been dedicated to each of the burners.
  • Automatic ignition present in this model allows the gas burner to automatically light up when the control knob is been pushed and turned. This gives a single hand operation and also no additional gadgets are required to light up the burner.
  • Cast iron pan support adds up the style of the appliance as it helps to produce more heat, give better resistance and also high durability.
  • Even heat distribution is possible with the powerful burner of 4 kw as it has high efficiency to manage heat distribution across the cooking surface of the pan.

Overall, Electrolux EHG9832X 90cm Integrated Gas Hob is striking and also acts as a total solution for the family and domestic cooking needs.

Electrolux EHG9832X 6-Burner Gas Hob – Technical Specification Table

Manufacturer Electrolux
Model Name EHG9832X 90cm Gas Hob
Type Built-in
Finish Stainless steel
Hob dimension (W x L) mm 894 x 510 mm
Gas burners 6
Flame supervision device Yes
Ignition system Front knob auto ignition
Controls Rotary knob
Highlight features 90cm flat design hob
Safety gas cut off
Direct access to controls
Automatic ignition
Cast iron pan support
Even heat distribution
Hob lid No
Power of each zone 1 Triple crown burner of 4.0 kw
1 Rapid burner of 3.0 kw
2 Semi-rapid burner of 2.0 kw
2 Auxiliary burner of 1.0 kw
Diameter of cookware Triple crown 180 to 260 mm
Rapid 160 to 260 mm
Semi-rapid 120 to 220mm
Auxiliary 80 to 180 mm