Britannia stands to be an innovative brand with introduces models in range cooker and other kitchen appliance. Their products are unique and have individual mark of high quality and performance. It gives a wholesome experience which makes it an interesting way to celebrate the kitchen. The following is the review of Britannia Sigma SLX 60cm Gas Hob which gives a clearer picture of the product.


This gas hob is design with the stainless steel faceplate and has made with secure burners. It consists of 4 burners with different powers and each of the burners is made up of flame safety devices. The size of the appliance is 590mm in width, 510mm in depth and it measures 70mm as depth. The depth of the appliance goes below the worktop and it makes a surface of even level.


The controls of Britannia Sigma SLX 60cm Stainless Steel Gas Hob are present in the right side just below the small burner. This design makes it compact and it also features with the auto ignition facility. The burners can be easily ignited with the automatically by the turn of the knob and it requires no additional gadgets to do so. The control knobs are stylishly designed with the stainless steel finish and it is easy to handle and operate. The control knobs are rotary styles which rotate to set the power level, ignite and switch off.

Burners and Power:

Equipped with 4 burners each of which comes with different power levels. It consists of a triple ring work burners which has the maximum power of 4.3kW which can be used for larger pans and to speed up the cooking process. There is another single large burner with the power of 2.6kWatts which is suitable for medium sized pans. Available are two small burners which are located in the rear left side and front right side. These burners are with the power of 1.7kW each which is suitable for small pans and for slow cooking.


  • The 60cm built-in hob is a medium sized that suits the compact homes. The brand makes sure to gives newer and better products with such compact designs to inspire its customers.
  • Safety gas cut off is a safety device which is been incorporated in this appliance. It works automatically and it senses when the flame is put off, in which case it stops the flow of the gas supply.
  • Direct access to controls which are present in a straight line gives access to each of the individual burner. The controls are dedicated to individual burners and hence the operation is made simple.
  • Automatic ignition facility is present in this model which ignites without any additional gadgets and by the simple turn of the knob. This automatic ignition system is operated either with the battery power or with the electric power which is been left to the choice of the user.
  • Cast iron pan support not only acts as a supporting accessory but it also adds to the design. These iron pans are made of durable material which lasts long for life.


Britannia Sigma SLX 60cm Built-In Gas Hob does not come with the lid. The provided guarantee is for the period of 2 years which is been offered by the manufacturer.

Specifications of Britannia Sigma SLX 60cm Gas Hob

Manufacturer Britannia
Model Name Sigma SLX 60cm Gas Hob
Type Built-in
Finish Stainless steel
Hob dimension (W x D x H) mm 590 x 510 x 70mm
Gas burners 4
Flame supervision device Yes
Ignition system Front knob auto ignition
Controls Rotary knob
Highlight features 60cm built-in hob
Safety gas cut off
Direct access to controls
Automatic ignition
Cast iron pan support
Hob lid No
Power of each zone 1 Triple ring wok burner of 4.3 kw
1 Large burner of 2.6 kw
2 Small burners of 1.7 kw each
Guarantee 2 years