Bosch, the global brand has been a part of improving environmental protection and has offered products in wide range for both domestic and commercial use. In the recent past Bosch exhibited an ‘Autosport International 2012’ show for 4 days. Their products are the benchmark for recent technologies and quality. More so, they have categorised many products including hobs in the home appliances segment. Let us get to know more about Bosch PCQ715B90E Avantixx 5 Burner Gas Hob in this review.

Design Features:

This model is stylishly designed with the stainless finish for both the surface and the frame. This has a built-in styled topography with 5 gas burners. The controls are individually operated with the cylindrical knobs. The control panel is located in the front side and it has a brushed stainless steel finish. Bosch PCQ715B90E Avantixx Built-In Gas Hob with integrated controls works with the gas fuel.


Front controls – This is an easily accessible and simple to put to use control knobs. It consists of five knobs which are operated manually.  The further attraction is the brushed steel finish which is also durable.

Brushed steel base – The base of the hob is been designed with the steel material. This is capable of with standing high temperature and also brings a classic look for the appliance.

Variable power levels – Each of the burners present in this model can be accustomed with the different power levels. It allows you to fix the power level any where up to the maximum.

Automatic ignition – Another feature related to this model is the automatic ignition which allows the user to instantly ignite the burner without the need of any supplementary gadgets.

Flame failure safety device – This ensures the definitive safety for both the appliance and the environment. The safety device incorporated in this model automatically senses when the flames is unintentionally put off. In this case it automatically stop the flow of gas supply and hence safety is been ensured.

Cast iron pan support – Endowed with in this model are 2 pan supports made of cost iron. This enhances the appearance and also holds the pan of any size easily. Cleaning and maintenance are also made simpler.

Power and Performance:

This model has 5 gas burners of different power. The economy burner present in the front left has the power of 1.0 kW. The Standard burner present in the rear left has the power of 1.7 kW. The Wok burner present in the centre has the power of 4.0 kW. The Standard burner present in the front right has the power of 1.7 kW. The High speed burner present in the rear right has the power of 3kW.


Bosch PCQ715B90E Avantixx Stainless Steel Gas Hob has many interesting features and perfectly suitable for the domestic use yet it does not feature with the features like residual heat indicator, main on/off switch and hob lid. The accessories included along with this model are multi language instruction booklet and LPG jets.

Bosch PCQ715B90E Gas Hob – Technical Specification Table

Manufacturer Bosch
Model Name PCQ715B90E Avantixx 5 Burner Gas Hob
Type Built-in
Finish Stainless steel
Hob dimension 52 x 702 x 520 mm
Gas burners 5
Flame supervision device Yes
Ignition system auto ignition
Controls Rotary knob
Highlight features Front controls
Brushed steel base
Variable power levels
Automatic ignition
Flame failure safety device
Cast iron pan support
2 piece burners
Hob lid No
Power of each zone Economy burner – front left – 1.0 kW
Standard burner – rear left – 1.7 kW
Wok burner – centre – 4.0 kW
Standard burner – front right – 1.7 kW
High speed burner – rear right – 3kW
Residual Heat indicator No
Main on/off switch No
Accessories LPG jets included