Most electric hobs available on the market these days are easier to clean and give you more cooking flexibility with an accurate temperature control against other forms of hob. Available in frameless edge, electric single hobs are generally designed in a way so as to not trap food and you may also count on the several number of accessories that come alongside the product including grids for grilling and interchangeable burners. In the following review, let us deal with a popular electric hob in the product line up of Andrew James.

Talking about the brand, Andrew James have had many innovative products in its line up including the Luxury Stone grill and not to mention its food vacuum sealers and food mixers that were  voted by the ‘Independent’ as being the top 10 in the UK.

Design features:

The Andrew James Electric Single Hob is a solid piece of engineering built with a single burner/zone which works pretty well. The electric hob is quick to warm up and pretty controllable. Ideal for any application, it requires a suitable heat source when you are taking over to the kitchen. The body is made of stainless steel; its quality construction ensures it is perfect for camping or during kitchen alteration. Also it is highly heat resistant and corrosion resistant. Unfortunately, the electric hob is not built with electronic touch control as that would have got rid of the knob that you will find in as the control type. This said, this hob still gives you a wipe clean surface.  The integration of non-slip feet gives a firm footing and prevents slipping and needless movements of the hob. Coming to the size, the diameter of the hotplate is 185mm.

Heating element: The single solid plate made of die-cast iron is built with the ability to distribute the heat directly to your utensil by focusing the heat directly to the ‘zones’ on the hob. Like most hobs, it has a sealed electric element of power 1500W.

Thermostat control: This electric hob has its own independent thermostat control that regulates the temperature. There is also a power indicator light that shows which ring you are operating. As a matter of safety, the Andrew James hob is built with an overheat protection which makes this hob a very useful tool for use around the workplace, home, garden and caravan.

Auto-safety shut off: The auto-safety shut off can automatically switch off the hob, in case you leave it on for an unsafe period of time.

Quality certifications & Warranty:

As a mark of quality, the Andrew James 1500 watts electric hob is ROHS and CE approved. The Andrew James Electric Single Hob is covered under a one year manufacturer’s warranty against manufacturing defects and this warranty commences from the original date of purchase.


Consuming a voltage of 220-240V 50/60Hz, this electric hob is very easy to clean. We used the hob in our office kitchen and it could boil a pan of water simply as fast as a full-size hob on a cooker. The heating element is built with the ability to stay hot for a long time even after you switch it off, but then you get what you pay for. If you go for an induction hob, it will cost you around £70 to £100, but you should be happy with this basic model for less than £20.

Andrew James 1500 Watts Electric Single Hob – Product Specification Table

Manufacturer Andrew James
Model Name Andrew James Electric Single Hob
Diameter of hotplate 185mm
Number of Burners/Zones 1
Material of body Stainless steel
Material of plate Ceramic
Corrosion resistant Yes
Heat resistant Yes
Heating element Die-cast iron (1500W)
Power on indicator Yes
Thermostat Control Yes
Non-slip rubber feet Yes
Voltage 220-240V 50/60Hz
ROHS/CE approved Yes
Design features 1500W die-cast iron heating element
Automatic safety shut off
Overheat protection
Easy to clean & durable
Manufacturer warranty 1 year

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